Saturday, January 7, 2012

Reflecting on 2011

As many other people I have talked to have said it's hard to believe 2011 is already behind us. There is no going back, some would say that's fine with them, others would say it was the best year of their lives. For us it was a wonderful journey, a year of growth... growing closer to God and trusting Him more than we ever have.

I remember at the beginning of 2011 writing on facebook I wonder what God has in store for our family this year... knowing full well that Lord Willing Matt and I were praying God would bless our family with another child in His perfect timing. Little did we know that only weeks after this statement we would find out we were expecting our 4th child due October 8, 2011. From there it all seems kind of a blur since the year past by so fast. I don't know if it was the excitement of the pregnancy, it is such pure joy to have a child growing inside your belly, knowing full well that
the Lord is working on this tiny persons every little detail or if the year seem to fly by just by keeping busy with life itself, taking care of 3 boys, a husband and house.

All I know within no time we were sitting in the doctors office waiting to be called back for our 12 week sonogram and check-up appt. That morning I was very unease, I told Matt for some reason I was nerves about the appt., shaking it off as just excitement we when in for our sonogram.
How amazing it was to see our little baby moving around in my belly, which at that point I hadn't felt yet. After only a few short minutes in that little room, my nervousness returned but this time for a reason. The sonogram tech. was very short about what she was doing and her findings. I new something wasn't right, all she said was the back of our baby's neck was a little thick and she
wasn't sure if she could see a nose bone. My heart sank, I held back the tears as she said "I'm still looking" and she asked "you are getting blood work with this right?!?"

After that we had to wait for the regular OBGYN to come in to give us any information. We were told that there was a chance our baby could have something wrong with him/her and they were suspecting Down Syndrome. I broke down crying, I'm not one that is good with unknowns but knowing that God knows best we decided not to do any advanced testing. We figured God doesn't make mistakes and if our baby was going to have Down Syndrome than that was fine
with us. When Matt and I prayed together for God to bless us with another child we never prayed, please only give us one with this this this and this. No we asked that His Will be done in our lives and we were willing to take whatever blessings He had to offer.

From then on I started to do research about Down Syndrome, it may sound funny or strange but deep down I somehow knew our baby would have it. I remember praying Lord please let Your Will be done, if our child is to have Downs please let him/ her be overall health and able to
breastfeed. We found out the baby was a little girl at 20 weeks, she finally had a name Katelyn Noel meaning Pure Gift, Pure Hope, Pure Peace, Pure Happiness! Logan was so excited he wanted a little sister soooo bad, he would say "mama I already have 2 little brothers I would like a little sister."

Throughout the next 17 weeks I kept going back and forth with feelings sometimes I would cry, sometimes I would be strong and ready to take on the world. I even ended up with Gestational Diabetic during my pregnancy and had to watch my diet and sugars from 28 weeks on. It's crazy how hard it is to fully count on God. To give Him all the pieces and say here do as You see fit and help me to deal with whatever You have to offer.

Throughout this time we when on with life, taking care of the boys, planning our new school year then starting school. The boys were soooooo excited to met their little sister and we were too! I remember doing calendar time with them and explaining how Katelyn could come anytime from the middle of Sept-Oct. When I put it in that time frame it made them even more excited! Never did I expect she would decide to come 3 weeks early.

After a very short and amazing labor and delivery Katelyn Noel joined our family in person... 6lbs 6ozs of pure cuteness! We were completely in love from the moment they handed her to us, our beautiful little girl with her almond shaped eyes, tiny nose, curved pinky finger and extra chromosome... yes our little girl has Down Syndrome, we were able to tell the moment she was born and are so thankful she does. She is exactly the person God wanted her to be, our sweet daughter who we love very much just the way she is.

Even having the GD was a blessing in itself since most babies with a GD mama are bigger. Katelyn was able to pack on a few extra ozs that was great for her since she was born a little early. Another amazing gift was our little girl was and is able to breastfeed, what a HUGE answer to prayer this was. I am so thankful to be able to nurture my child this way, and that she is strong enough and able to do it! Thank You Lord!!! Now we are praying that God continues to be with our little girl, keeping her healthy and strong. At 1 month we found out Kate has a VSD small hole in her heart, very common with DS babies, we pray it heals up on it's own or continues to not cause her any problems.

I remember wondering during the pregnancy how I would feel if Katelyn ended up having Downs... would I be sad or upset even for a moment. I am so grateful to say that by God's grace I didn't feel any of that only happiness and contentment. Fully relying on God, it felt and feels wonderful!

Katelyn is now 3 1/2 months old and as wonderful as ever! Her big brothers completely adore her, they think she is soooooo cute. They are her biggest fans too and are so very proud of her when she does something new. At 6 weeks she rolled over from her belly to back and last Friday she decided to roll over from her back to belly. I am always in awe of how strong she is, what she is able to do and the little person she is! Yesterday Zach was talking to baby Kate and said sis you are a princess, I love you and want to marry you someday! How sweet is that! Logan always tells me "mama I am sooooo thankful God made baby Kate." Wylie is our busy boy always on the go nonstop Wild Wylie and when it comes to baby Kate he will give her kisses but is a little bit more of a jelly bean then the other boys.

Looking back it seems like most of the year was about Katelyn and not about the other children, the thing is though they were with us throughout every step of the way. We were together as a family enjoying the ups and downs. Walking through the year holding onto one another learning new things and trusting in the Lord more. We did many fun things in 2011 like going to Port Farms and the zoo, taking trips to the Falls and taking our first plane trip to see Matt's sister
get married.

Each one of them Logan, Zachariah, Wylie and Katelyn are truly a treasure and blessing. They each have their own personalities and have brought such joy to Matt and I. Being a parent is such a wonderful experience, one I am so thankful that God has allowed me to take care of these little gems for Him.

I'm not sure what God has in store for us in 2012, I know I am for sure excited to see. Each year brings new trials and tests. I pray God helps us through them all this year like He did in 2011. I know He will, His Word promises it. =0)


  1. What a sweet and powerful story about the love and power of God in a family who just wants to do His will above everything else. Misty, you are a true woman of virtue, dignity and strength, an example which is very much lacking in our Christian culture today. Our family will keep you and yours in our prayers for 2012. Praise the Lord for little, beautiful Kate!
    Blessings, Monica Fernandez, Wake Forest, NC

    Psalm 139:14
    "I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well"

  2. Thank you so much Monica for your prayers and your encouraging words! =0)